What exactly does it mean to be a Licensed Massage Therapist?

What does massage therapy consist of

What exactly does it mean to be a Licensed Massage Therapist?

Anyone can do a massage, you can look up free videos online and learn on your own! However, it takes a real Licensed Massage Therapist to give you a true massage that feels good not only on the outside but heals inside(muscles) your body as well.

A Licensed Massage Therapist is knowledgeable in your body’s muscles functions, origins, insertions etc. and the massage they give is not just a massage, but a total body healing and therapeutic experience that targets muscle pains, heals injuries, and more.

What can a Licensed Massage Therapist do for me?

A Licensed Massage Therapist is not just limited to muscle injuries. Many common conditions may be recommended for massage such as

  • Everyday Stress
  • Anxiety (Fitness for anxiety is recommended as well)
  • Migraines
  • Postoperative pain
  • Lower blood pressure
  • and many more!

A Licensed Massage Therapist has a clear understanding of the human body and is well aware of the do’s and don’ts as not to hurt you or make your condition, pain, or situation worse. With knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology, the specific points of your muscles that may be causing pain are targeted and also determine the type of therapy you receive.

Typically, a Licensed Massage Therapist will combine various techniques needed to reach the results you need to feel better and/or recover faster. Additionally, your therapist will take extra care and precautions if you have any ailments or pre-existing conditions.

The next time you get a massage, make sure you get a massage done by a Licensed Massage Therapist so that your body gets the optimal Massage Therapy it deserves. (Intern therapists are also great for relaxation!)

If you are interested in becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist and helping others heal and feel better through massage, give us a call at (956)787-9100 to find out how our classes can help you become a Licensed Massage Therapist!

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