Learn Massage, advanced techniques and more

Learn Massage

At Massage Masters School, in Pharr, TX. Once you Learn massage and become a Licensed Massage Therapist, it is only the beginning of an fun and rewarding career.

Once licensed, the possibilities are endless. With many different types of advanced continuing education (CEU) training courses available, you can decide what type of therapy you want to offer and focus on.

From helping athletes getting ready for an event or recovering with sports massage, to providing prenatal massage, hot or cold stone massage, Thai bodywork stretches, cupping therapy and many many more.

You can focus on the techniques you like and carve out your niche or just offer a general variety of services. Relaxation, therapeutic and more!

The first step is to learn massage at Massage Masters School, then take the national exam (MBLEX), and finally submit your application to TDLR. We will help you all along the way, step by step and making the process smooth and easy.

By choosing to learn massage at Massage Masters, a massage school since 2006, we will learn things such as Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology, Business laws & ethics, Health, Hygiene, and Hydrotherapy as they all relate to massage. Our part time schedule ensures you still have time to take care of important things such as family, work and life.

Our small student groups are perfect for those wanting a relaxed but focused learning environment with no distractions and no shenanigans. Our instructors will work with everyone to ensure they answer any questions and concerns regarding any of the information presented.

If you have not come by the school please give us a call at (956)787-9100 to set up an appointment, come by and get all the details with no obligation on our low payment plans, part time schedule, and FREE massage table & chair that you receive upon finishing your school.

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